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Prints, Watercolors, Paintings, Engravings, & Antiquarian Maps

The Antiquariat Gallery presents a fascinating spectrum of Antique Prints, Antiquarian Maps and Contemporary Art that illustrate significant historical and artistic achievements. Our print inventory includes a wide range of topics, designs and styles that range from the 16th Century to the 20th Century including Hand Colored Prints, Hand Colored Maps, Original Drawings, Watercolors, Paintings, Books and Small Objects. In our collection we seek to connect the past to the present for both fulfillment and enrichment. We invite you to visit our gallery.


Our Print Shop serves Collectors of Antique Prints and Maps. We have assembled a large collection that is exciting, quirky and intellectual at the same time. Equestrian themes, European Manors, Classical Images, Regalia, Maritime themes, Celestials, Botanicals, Orthology, Historical Personages, Satire, Rock & Roll and Historical Design,  along with Fine Hand Engraving are themes that are emphasized in our collection. It is clear that the evolution of paper and printmaking, and the development of the paper production industry, is reflected within the timeline of our collection.   

Antique Prints

Antique Prints offer fantastic opportunities for the inquisitive and imaginative collector. The many categories and genres can be a tool to connects history and culture. The famous publishers, printmakers, engravers, artists, and the fine colorists, tell an amazing story that is connected by many intertwined relationships and dynastic connections.

Antiquarian Maps

Our Antiquarian Maps include early cartographic maps by artists and cartographers possessed with legendary wanderlust, flair and imagination. We have maps from all over the world that convey an wide ranging timeline. We continue to build our rare map collection with a special focus on maps of Rhode Island, New England, New York and Virginia.

20th Century Artwork

The 20th Century brought technology that created changes in the world that are reflected in the material and design of the modern period. This period stretches from the late Victorian era and into the beginning of Art Nouveau, Cubism, Surrealism and Modern Art. These changes are reflected in the prints of the 20th century and in the changes of style by the artists of the Modern Era.  


  • Andrew Spingarn
    With a distinguished design and manufacturing career in fine jewelry and designer fashion jewelry, the continuation of research and sourcing of fine components into a collection was a natural progression to the World of Fine Prints and Maps.
  • Japanese & Asiana
    Woodblock Prints
    Collecting Prints of Japanese origin began with
    the assimilation to Asian Culture from early exposure. Immersed with Japanese objects and prints, it was easy to appreciate the fine quality, the beauty, and the delicate, yet strong, sensibilities of the Asian Culture
  • Children's Illustrations
    Whimsical Fantasy
    The 19th and 20th Century became known as the Golden Age of Children's Literature. These tales were meant to educate and entertain children. They conveyed moral values and information relevant to formative years. Myths, fables, legends, fairly tales, humor and romance are topics included in this collection.  
  • Contemporary Art
    Mid Century Modern
    Drawings, Oil Paintings, Prints, Sculpture, Collage are categories contained within our Modern Collection. An eye for clean lines, spacial relationships, introspective thinking, and modern angst is the artwork of the Modern era that is both fresh and different from the Historical Aspects and Classical Beauty of the Fine Print Collection.   


Feel free to call us anytime. At the present time the shop is open for appointment only, We are available and ready to help you with your print selections, artwork or conservation needs. For more information about our picture framing facility please call or check our website at: or (401) 787 6767

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